Judge Tommy B. Webb

"You Can Make a Difference"

"Tom, your performance is the first time that I've seen a speaker so thoroughly entertain, challenge and move the audience with such lavish amounts of well-targeted humor, tenderness and respect.  Here are some comments from teachers:"
  • A wonderful speaker with an excellent message!
  • Tom Webb was awesome!
  • I have NEVER seen an audience so captivated by a speaker!

Dr. Kelly Gillespie, Executive Director of Instructional Services,
Southwest Plains Regional Service Center
Sublette, KS

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it was the best in-service we've had since I started at Hays High. ...I want to thank you for the opportunity to listen to such a dynamic speaker as Judge Tommy Webb."

Bill Gasper
School Publications Adviser
Hays High School
Hays, KS

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"Your participation and support in this conference helped over 90 central office administrators experience another quality KASA Summer Conference.  I have received numerous favorable comments from both superintendents and visiting ESU graduate students as to the power of your message."

Dr. Jerry D. Will
Kansas Assoc. Of School Administrators Co-Director &
Emporia State University Department Chair
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"His presentation is packed with the full range of emotions that will absolutely captivate your student body, including the most difficult students.  If you are interested in a message that will impact every single student and one that will end with a standing ovation, schedule Judge Tom Webb for your next student body assembly."

Rodger Hilton, Principal
Ulysses, KS High School
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"Hearing of the hardships that you faced as a child and the manner in which you overcame them was a truly motivational experience.  Looking across the theater at our students, I saw a remarkable sight----200 middle school students, all listening intently as you shared your story."

Jane B. Nuessen, Principal
Burlington, KS Middle School
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"Our staff rated the in-service presentations on a scale of 1 to 5.  The overall rating of your presentation was 4.9, the highest of any presentation we have ever had. Here are a few of the comments from our staff:"
  • Loved Tom Webb!!!
  • The featured speaker was the best I have heard in a
    LONG time
  • He touched my heart
Toni Bowling, Director of Curriculum
Burlington, KS Unified School District #244
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"Judge Webb really touched the feelings of the staff at our in-service this fall.  A great in-service can do a lot to set a positive tone for the year, and I know our staff left with a great attitude about working with children. "

Dick Hall, Principal,
Chapman, KS High School
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"Here is a breakdown of your evaluations from the conference.  There were 69 total evaluations turned in. All 69 gave you a great rating which was the highest you could receive.  
Some put additional comments such as:
  • WOW!
  • SUPER!
You were truly a hit with the KSCEA!"

Lavonta Williams, President
Kansas Community Education Association

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"Your comments were so appropriate to the children of our district.  I have had numerous comments from staff about how your words inspired them to a renewed energy and focus for the school year."

Donna Baily, Curriculum Director
Larned Schools, Larned, KS
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